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Saluda River Grill

About us

At Saluda River Grill, we strive to deliver a dining experience that exceeds expectations. We take great pride in serving high-quality food and delivering customer service with genuine Southern hospitality.

Saluda River Grill was founded as an American-style dinner and destination experience, beautifully located along the Saluda River and constructed inside a historic and renovated establishment.


Over a decade ago, Saluda River Grill was created as a project to not only reinvigorate an old mill along the Saluda River, but to be a part of the preservation and revitalization the historic town of Piedmont, South Carolina.

One of two textile mills to operate alongside the river since their original construction in 1876, it is the sole remaining mill after a fire broke out and devastated the second in 1983. After proving irreparable, it was demolished and the current Saluda River Grill building is the sole survivor.

It wasn't until 2010 when the Boggs family, Randy and Angela, exited their jobs and decided to breathe life into the run-down mill once gain. They called it the Saluda River Grill.

Our Values

Saluda River Grill exists to provide its patrons a wonderful dining experience alongside the appreciation of the nature and history of both the river and town of Piedmont.

By continuing to serve customers, the community, and to continually be a part of the historic timeline of the town, Saluda River Grill is excited to bring everyone the opportunity to gather around great food fellowship.